Who is your Super Hero?

We all have our HERO icons right? Whether it be the Marvel characters that we really idolize and queue up for when their much awaited and anticipated movies hit our cinemas. Whether it be the Avengers, The Legendary Ironman, The very clever and introverted Batman, The masculine and handsome Superman or our very own Captain America who charmed his way to our heart due to his boyish charms, innate charisma and stellar good looks.

I need a HERO
I need a HERO

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Giving them a Voice: The BPO Choice Awards 2014

After graduating from college I was quite perplexed as to what industry I should get myself into. Since nursing was the boom during that time most of my friends from High School pursued the medical field in the hopes of getting into greener pastures. Four years down the line: Welcome to 2014! 😀

How time flies right? The largest industry now that is garnering much attention from society is actually the BPO Industry! Who would have thought?

BPO which stands for Business Process Outsourcing is one of the major contributors nowadays in our GDP and also provides career opportunities and financial rewards to our peers and countrymen nowadays and will continue to do so in the coming years.

“Our mission to reach out to all BPO Workers–Call Center Agents, IT Professionals, HR practicioners — and educate the public that working in the BPO Industry can change lives and that we have already changed the economic landscape of the Philippines.

There’s a big event that is about to hit center stage this coming December 13,2014 at the Newport Hotel in Resorts World Manila which is entitled the “BPO Choice Awards” (applause and drum roll please) 😀

BPO Choice Awards
BPO Choice Awards Press and Trade Launch

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