Shaburi: A Shabu Shabu Kind of Night

They say that the best things in life come when you least expect it. This age old adage holds true for me  since just last week as I celebrated my birthday my friends, family and KD all connived together to stage a surprise birthday bash for me.

My Love Tank is Full. Thanks for the surprise guys and to KD for making it all possible 🙂 

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Color your hair with Bubbles! :)

As we all know our hair is every girl’s crowning glory right? Sometimes whenever I lack the time to comb through my stands after I came from the shower and I am rushing to go to an event or to work my friends would comment “Mahangin ba sa labas?” wherein they would point to my unkempt mane and motion for me to comb it carefully once again 🙂

To be honest, I have already tried various shades on my hair but not too extreme though or else my Mom would reprimand me and maybe send me out of the house until I change it back to something more natural looking say maybe blue? or purple?. Haha. Kidding. But yeah I have already tried a lot of colors guess I love experimenting on which would look good on me. From brown, to ash blonde, to ruby red, to jet black I have tried to find the perfect match for my yellow tinged Asian skin tone 🙂 Any suggestions for my next hair color and style? 🙂

But for now guess I would try to stick to my current color since I think it complements my skin tone 🙂

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The Newest Buns are in Town: Hello Hattendo Buns!

Last week I was invited to attend this food tasting event in SM Megamall and since it was near my workplace and it was due at around 6pm I was just in time to make it to the venue. I didn’t really know what to expect since I wasn’t really familiar with the name “Hattendo” however upon arriving at the venue a little past 6pm I was jovially escorted and greeted by their Marketing Manager Ms. Kat and their PR Manager Ms. Cherry and they had me try their product first.

These Buns are surely worth every penny!
These Buns are surely worth every penny!

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Food Review: Zaifu

As I was sitting on our lazy boy chair while munching on my ordered stuffed crust pizza and watching previous episodes of “Revenge”. I was definitely having a good time as my back was relaxed as it was massaged  up and down and back and forth by this new device I attached in front of the lazy boy seat. I recalled my recent food venture at Zaifu and decided to blog about it.
I was craving for Japanese food this one fine night after class and what better way to satiate my hunger than venturing off into Zaifu which was conveniently located at the basement of Rockwell Powerplant Mall. You can choose from their wide array of choices such as the maki, ramen, tempura, donburi and sukiyaki.
One of my favorite appetizers "Tuna Sashimi"
One of my favorite appetizers “Tuna Sashimi”

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Food Review: Kitchitora Ramen

I was already up and about at 8am in the morning last Saturday August 30,2014 since our Freshman Orientation was about to take place in school and in the afternoon I eventually ended up  helping in facilitating the games for the newbies by standing as one of their Marshals in their Amazing Race contest.

It’s always a refreshing twist whenever there are games like these which get your mind thinking, your adrenalin pumping and your people skills working. When I had my orientation seminar in the afternoon 2 semesters ago we had this cheer leading contest wherein you had to make a hymn and also make up customized lyrics depicting how proud you are to be an Atenean: A Blue Eagle geared toward soaring to greater heights, we managed to eventually produce and execute a song and dance number to the tune of Pitch Perfect’s: I Saw the Sign. We also made some balloons in the shape of an eagle and our guy team mates lifted off one of our classmates who played the role of our eagle.

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Lunch at Pepper Lunch

Since class was about to start in a couple of minutes we decided to grab ourselves a quick fix so we went to Pepper lunch since I haven’t really eaten up here before since the last time we were here. Pat was the only one eating and he just gave me some servings of his meal which ended up him splitting his meal into two. Sorry Babe 🙂 Told you I wasn’t hungry.

Their operating hours are from Monday to Sunday at 11am- 10 pm I think. Their meals are quite okay prices range from 200- 500 pesos. At Pepper Lunch diners get to cook their own food over a patented electromagnetic plate that is heated up to 260 degrees Celsius within one minute.  Choice cuts of beef, chicken, pork and salmon are served with rice and vegetables for guests to cook and season using flavors of teriyaki, onion sauce, honey brown sauce (Amakuchi) or garlic soy sauce (Karakuchi)—and that dash of freshly ground pepper to give you that delicious, flavor-filled meal.

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