#ColorYourMood with Freshlook & Air Optix Colors

Contact lenses has become a fashion staple nowadays especially for cosplayers or for those who want to highlight the color of their eyes. Also for those wearing glasses this is also another alternative since aside from it enhancing your vision it also avoids the hassle of dealing with your glasses who may serve as a hurdle especially when you’re taking photos using your DSLR Camera.

I tried using contact lenses before when I was back in High School wherein it became a big hit plus it wasn’t that expensive too that time. I thought it was kinda cool as a fashion statement since it made my chinky eyes looked a little bigger. 🙂 However after a while it kinda irritated my eyes and I stopped using it and became more hesitant with regards to using contacts. It was only after a few years that I realized that I should not sleep on my lenses and that I should always clean it afterwards. I think I know better now and I’m ready once again to use them when the situation calls for it 🙂

What color would you prefer for my eyes?

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