Top Things I Learned from Kdrama Itaewon Class

Netflix may be best known for its big-budget American-made TV series such as Stranger Things and the likes of it but thanks to its ever-growing clout especially in the International audience, we’re starting to see more and more diversity among Netflix’s content offerings.

Kdramas have been quite popular in the site as of late, garnering top rankings for many months now. What makes it so popular amongst fans is not only the gorgeous actors with impeccable skin that we see on set but also the seamless weaving of the whole plot and how everything eventually comes together beautifully in the end.

That said, I know that I am pretty much late in the game but hey, everyone has his or her own timeline right? So, I got started with this Kdrama a few nights back called Itaewon Class.

Here’s a quick briefer on the storyline.

Source: The Fan Girl Verdict
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