IPPUDO Introduces its new Clam Chowder Ramen!

I have always believed in having a healthy work life balance. Simply put, you also have a life outside your work. That’s why I always list down my goals in my planner and keep tabs on it once in a while to ensure that I am making progress on my goals.

So far I guess I am on the right track since aside from working in my 9-5 job on a daily basis after work I usually go to the gym and ensure that I eat right, meaning I include more veggies and healthy options in my staple diet nowadays. Aside from that, I get to attend events again as much as my time permits and I am also entertaining other speaking engagements in the coming months. So before I get all consumed up once again in how my life had been these past few weeks let me recount first one of the foodie invites I went to just last week in Megamall. 🙂


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Affordable Meals at Yumchee BGC Stopover

Another new food discovery comes to me in the form of a Chinese Joint nestled in between the confines of the very inviting BGC Stopover.

Yesterday, Richie from The Pickiest Eater invited me to another awesome food tasting event however since I was attending mass during that time I asked if I can make “habol” after mass to catch up on the event and he said it was okay. So even though I was late I decided to book myself a ride in Grabcar and make my way to BGC.

Their Menu which was printed on paper and contains their very affordable Menu

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Lola’s Kitchen and Bar Whips up their New and Enticing Dishes with their New Menu!

A lot of things had been going in my life as of late. I still haven’t finished the book I was supposed to read but then again I have to catch up on all my backlogs as the weekend turns to a close and work is again going to resume along with the heavy traffic that comes along with it. Noooo! 😦 (Snap back to reality )

What you gonna do with that dessert? :)
What you gonna do with that dessert? 🙂

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