Stargaze the Night Away with the New StarWars Themed Rooms at Victoria Court

It’s Sunday once again! 😦 Meaning another week is about to commence. I don’t know if I should be happy or not because I know that in the weeks to come it’s going to be a surefire roller coaster ride since a lot of deliverables are at stake.

However, I am also happy that I get to learn a lot and that I get to live with the pressure of a stressful work week schedule. It will indeed teach me the core values of learning how to plan out your things to- do and delivering your outputs with quality within the needed time frame. Anyway, just last week I was invited to attend the launch of Victoria Court’s new themed called Space Wars! The newest and most innovative super thematic suite.

The Media Invite sent to my mail 🙂

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Uniqlo launches their Winter Collections

Last week I was invited to the launching of Uniqlo’s new wardrobe collection for the Fall- Winter Season in SM Megamall. I know that being a tropical country this does not apply to us however they have styles and clothes that will surely cater to your fashion needs and you can definitely add these to your fashion staples. Like me for example being a jeans person since my work requires me to be on the go on most days, they have this Denim Yoga Pants look which for me looks even more comfortable than my very comfy denim leggings or jeggings (Jeans +Leggings) as most people fondly call it. 🙂 Another new alternative for me to stop using my worn out jeggings 🙂 Yey! 🙂

Uniqlo Jeans

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Food Review: Bacolod Chicken Inasal

I love weekend duty days since I can pull in a few more minutes of sleep due to the improved traffic conditions along the lanes of c5 and also since less people are out on the road in the wee hours of the early morning. I have a lot of back log with regards to the restaurants that I have gone along this week and the various food trips that I ventured into.

We first went off scouring the various stalls in the HoReCa festival last week in celebration of the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering event which promotes camaraderie and also which provides an avenue for the various businesses, catering joints, restaurants and hotels around the vicinity of Makati to plug and advertise their services and entice people to their stalls and avail of their packages and deals since their goal is to increase traffic and people coming in to their businesses to make Makati a rising district once again. 😀 Go Makati! 😀

Web Advertising Stall
Web Advertising Stall

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