Make your Mom feel Special this May

We’re at the point in our lives when growing up means growing busier with our careers, our personal goals, our friends, and our new relationships. Some of us work extra hours. Others are focused in managing our own businesses. Some of us have hobbies and passions that keep us pre-occupied. In this fast paced life, how many of us can say we still try to make quality time for our moms?

Just last week we celebrated Mom’s Appreciation Day or Mother’s Day as we fondly call it however I believe that Mom’s Appreciation Day should not be limited to just one day but everyday so for those of you who want some neat ideas on how to show your Mom your love and appreciation for everything she has done for you. Here’s a lowdown on some ideas you can use 🙂

Surprised my Mom and Lola  with some sweets after treating them out for dinner last Mom’s Day 🙂 

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Smart targets ‘millennial’ travelers with expanded data roaming coverage in 110 countries

Love to travel and explore? Can’t help but be awestruck when exploring new places you haven’t seen before? Can’t help that feeling of needing to get out every once in a while? 


All of these things are the symptoms of a wanderlust person who loves to travel and explore. 🙂 In my case, it’s making the most out of life while I’m young and expanding my horizons 🙂 However, the most common problem that we are fazed with these days is that when you travel to another country is the bill shock that seems to come along with it.

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Precious Heart Pages launches their new books at the Manila International Book Fair

Precious Pages Corporation, publisher of the popular Tagalog romance pocketbooks Precious Hearts Romances launched their new novels to peruse and pore over yesterday at the Manila International Book Festival which was held at the spacious grounds of the SM Convention Center in Pasay.

Collage of their  New books to hit the bookshelves!
Collage of their New books to hit the bookshelves!

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Who is your Super Hero?

We all have our HERO icons right? Whether it be the Marvel characters that we really idolize and queue up for when their much awaited and anticipated movies hit our cinemas. Whether it be the Avengers, The Legendary Ironman, The very clever and introverted Batman, The masculine and handsome Superman or our very own Captain America who charmed his way to our heart due to his boyish charms, innate charisma and stellar good looks.

I need a HERO
I need a HERO

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A Story on Why Love is always accompanied by Madness

A long time ago, before the world was created and humans set foot on it for the first time virtues and vices floated around and were bored, not knowing what to do.

One day, all the vices and virtues were gathered together and were more bored than ever. Suddenly, Indigenous came up with an idea:Let’s play hide and seek.”

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Learning the Difference between Holding on and Letting Go

There is a fine line between Learning the difference of Holding on and Letting go 😀

When to hold on..

When you are in a quandary as to whether to hold on or to let go,

analyze the situation you are in very carefully, very subjectively.

Use your mind and not your heart to evaluate the pros and cons of either decision.

Realize that your feelings and emotions can color your thoughts,

and you might end up making the wrong choice.

If you still see a glimmer of promise that it (the relationship or the situation you are in) can still work out,

then by all means, try your best to make it happen.

Sometimes we give up too easily without putting a fight.

There is really no easy way to live life;

you have to negotiate the hurdles in order to win the gold.

As they say, try and try until you succeed.


when to let go…


On the other hand,

you should be able to put your foot down and say,

“Enough is enough!” and disentangle yourself from the web of suffering and indecision before you reach the point of no return.

So, how can you tell when it is the time to let go?

It’s time to quit when the hurting is too much.

When your health (both mental and physical) is at stake.

When the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.

When it dawns on you that it is a love that cannot be.

When you feel unneeded, unappreciated, unwanted, unloved.

When you start to feel chronically negative and ugly, and in fact are looking ugly.

When dark emotions of self-destruction or vengeance start to darken and harden your heart.

When you feel horribly bitter about life.

And when you feel it is a win-win situation for all, most especially for you, to call it quits.

So now after perusing over this,

I hope I was able to shed a little light on those jaded thoughts lingering in your mind 😀

just keep in mind that whatever you choose,choose for the better 😀 

-Read an article which bores some semblance with this content. This was another article  I found on my Notes Page on my Facebook which I would just want to share.

Movie Review: Love on a Diet

Since I wanted to watch something new that is quite refreshing and not really that heavy and thought provoking I looked at my movies in my laptop and found this Korean Movie called “Love on a Diet”. I just wanted a good laugh and a feel good movie so this movie is what kept me company throughout the course of the night. Here’s a quick synopsis of the movie:

Can love bloom between these two?
Can love bloom between these two?

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We Accept the Love We think We Deserve.

We all have our own fair share of heartaches, butterflies in the pits of our stomachs and sometimes even tears welling down our faces thinking that it’s already the end of the road  for us. Well honey, it isn’t. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes these were all bound to happen. The good, the bad and the ugly. To mold you and shape you into the person you were destined to become. You deserve to be happy and to be loved unconditionally. Never settle for less than what you deserve because you are beautiful and unique just the way you are. Read this post from Thought Catalog. Do not settle for anything less than beautiful, unconditional love.

Things to ponder on for the longevity of your relationship


I came across this post from Elite Daily while browsing through my Facebook account earlier and it makes me think that with the advent of the hook up culture now especially since it is being propagated by the media and also some outside forces the real question is “Is it worth it?” or “Is the temporary high caused by some feeling worth it to destroy something that you have built over the years?” If your answer is “Yes” then perhaps you should not be in that relationship in the first place. However, if you find that one guy who changes your life and makes you a better person, makes your hazy views and paradigms in life a little bit clearer and someone who treats you like a princess. Well then honey, you have struck gold. Consider yourself lucky! 🙂 Work towards developing your potential and reaching out towards your goals. Live each day as if it’s your last, love like there’s no tomorrow and work on cultivating your relationship for the better so both of you can work as a team and maximize your potential.

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Happy Birthday Pat

Since it was Pat’s birthday and I wanted to make his day memorable. I planned to mount a series of surprises for him which I couldn’t have done without the help of those closest to him. Thanks to his older sister Ate Niz for helping me with the video clips from their family, to David one of his closest friends for helping me gather up his friends at his crib and letting me surprise Pat by taking him off guard at a very unexpected moment and also to Ms. Ness from Kulinarya for helping me mount the romantic candlelit dinner to cap off the night.

For the first surprise, I managed to be a little “sneaky” and decided to connive with his older sister in creating a video presentation which contained all our photos from the 1st time we met with some clips in between of his family’s message and also one video we had at Yabu. I posted this on June 20,2014 (Sunday in the afternoon) on my Facebook which I tagged him. He was utterly surprised to see that I made something like this sort since I am not really that techie person unlike him. But what touched me, was that he appreciated the effort I put into creating the video.

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