New Joint on the Block: Salchipapas

PASSION. It’s what drives us to move forward towards our goals and to just keep on going despite the curveballs life may throw our way. I guess, its what makes life worth living and our motivating force to do better and constantly innovate, excel and upgrade our skills.

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Props goes off to Sam for the awesome Instagram worthy set up of the dishes

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Great Finds and Affordable Prices at the Row 101 Summer Bazaar

I have always loved good bargain finds meaning quality products that I purchase which give me good value for my money. Since I am quite stingy with what I earn I usually invest in fabrics which I can wear for a lot of my functions without seeming outdated or cheap. So when events like the Row101SummerPopUpBazaar comes up with another bazaar every passing year I know that I should not pass up on this one since I know that good deals like these are so hard to find and I must say it never fails to exceed my expectations.

Check out my awesome takeaways I got from the bazaar yesterday.

Row101 Poster
The event invite I got in my email a few days back 🙂 Upon getting this in my mail I became giddy like a kid once again since I know that there would be a lot of good finds in store for me in the 2 day event 🙂 

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PLDT SME Nation’s #BETHEBOSS is back!

PLDT SME Nation’s pioneering social media crowd sourcing search for the new generation of entrepreneurs is all set to welcome a new batch of digitally-driven industry game-changers.

#BeTheBoss, in partnership with Rappler, is back for the second year as it continues its mission to recognize excellence in technological innovation and digital integration.

Be The Boss

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Eau Thermale Avene introduces Hydrating Make-up Remover

Cosmetic products exist to help women improve their facial features or cover imperfections.

But while an average woman uses 12 different products everyday—which all in all contains about 170 ingredients according to a research by U.S. organization Skin Deep—their desire to look good might do more harm than good especially when proper skin regimen is not practiced.

This is the very reason why Eau Thermale Avène—the leading dermo-cosmetic brand in Europe—recently invited some of the country’s most prestigious beauty and wellness bloggers and members of the media at the Salon Beauvoir in Makati, City to educate them on how to properly care for their skin before, during and after applying make-up.


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A Sweet Afternoon with Pastry Master Chef Jess Chiam Ko Seen :)

For someone who loves to eat out as much as I do I always have a soft spot for trying out various dishes whether it be home cooked, slowly boiled, grilled or sauteed dishes that I really look forward to tasting every once in a while. I know what a good dish tastes like because it makes me happy and giddy like a kid once again I cannot help but smile whenever I taste something new, delectable and very appealing to my taste buds.

This also applies to sweets, pastries and chocolates alike. I guess it’s one of the things that I love the most discovering new finds, cheap thrills and affordable meals which is definitely worth my every cent.

Credits goes to Jay from for some of the photos here in my blogpost since I wasn’t able to snap up a lot of photos during the course of the event.

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Introducing Ryu Ramen’s new Tantanmen 5! :D

I was fortunate to be invited along with a few other bloggers to have a “Food Tasting” session at Ryu Ramen located in the SM Jazz Mall along the confines of Makati. I had school later that day in Rockwell so good thing that it was so close by. Yey! 🙂

I came in quite late actually since I was caught up in the traffic along the way but good thing I still managed to arrive there before they ended. I just asked from Sir Ross from Wazzup Pilipinas if I could share their food photos since when I came in most of the Ramen Bowls were already half eaten and consumed. He gladly helped me out and also briefed me in on what I missed during their lunch. Yey! 🙂 Thank you! 😀

Moving on, we were tasked to just sit back, relax and enjoy the taste of the various Ramen bowls that we were served.

Photo I posted in my Instagram account louchai_03 documenting this awesome gustatory experience.
Photo I posted in my Instagram account louchai_03 documenting this awesome gustatory experience.

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A Moment like this with Emmanuel Adda

“A moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this
Some people search forever for that one special kiss
Oh, I can’t believe it’s happening to me
Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this”

These lines from Kelly Clarkson’s hit single “A Moment like This” remind me of a very talented artist who worked hard, trained hard and is now reaching for the stars and her dreams one musical concert at a time. Check out Emmanuel Ada’s Concert happening on the 25th of September 2014 (Thursday) at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati alongside the Philippine Madrigal Singers.

This beautiful lady is surely to awe the world with her musical prowess
This beautiful lady is surely going to awe the world with her musical prowess

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New Hole in the Wall Resto: SALT

After watching the movie called Sex Tape we were starving already since it was kind of late already so we just charged my laptop somewhere, bought some necessities for home and then decided to have dinner somewhere nearby but also budget friendly. (Thanks for thinking about my budgetary constraints Love)

To be honest, we had quite a hard time finding the place despite it being just behind Rockwell since we didn’t really explore into hole in the wall joints. We just heard this was a good place to eat and people were queueing up to be served. This joint is located at 5887 Fermina Street, Corner Enriquez Street, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City to be specfic.

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