Manila Touch Launches Filipino App Spa Finder PH

I love having massages! 🙂 In fact because I love it too much, I have a massage at least once or twice a week giving special focus on the knots on my tired shoulders and my stiff neck and aching back. It soothes me, relaxes my mood and gives me an overall euphoric feeling soon after since I feel that all the stress had already dissipated  into thin air after the massage focused on all my pressure points and released my tension away. Yey! 🙂

I find it quite a chore though that I don’t really get to explore a lot of nearby massage places and spa’s within my vicinity since I didn’t really know what were my other options so I just stick it out with my usual massage staples. Good thing this new App from Google specializes in just that and finding a convenient and quality spa is just a touch of your finger away. 🙂

manila touch

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