Paying Your Bills has Never Been This Easy!

nWe all have different types of habits in life whether you’re the OC type of person who runs a tight ship and is always in control of the situation or whether you are more of the balanced type of person who knows how to have fun while juggling her responsibilities everyday.

TBH, I am more of the latter type of person since I have always believed in the mantra of having balance in all aspects of your life. I know how to have fun while balancing it out with the various aspects of my life. However, sometimes with a lot of things running in my mind throughout the day it is inevitable for me to forget some pertinent details unless I schedule it in my planner or use an app to remind me of my upcoming meeting/ workout session.

Who said working out couldn’t be fun?

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UNIQLO brings back its luxurious +J Collaboration this Holiday

Last week, I was privileged to be granted an exclusive by invite only VIP pass to the launch of it’s new line of clothes by the international, well acclaimed clothing magnate UNIQLO. This stellar event was held at the grounds of SM Aura. Celebrities, models, well known media personnel and influential fashion bloggers were invited to cover this event. We even had the rare opportunity to get our first dibs on this +J collection of theirs! Such a great find I must say! 😀

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