Forever 21 launches its First Ever Brand Ambassadors

Summer is here and it starts now.  It has been a rocky, yet fun-filled past couple of weeks juggling my time between my newly launched side hustle and my recently concluded Block Screening for the much touted and awaited film in 2018: The Avengers Infinity War! 🙂 Good thing it was a success as more than 300 people showed up on the day of our screening and the outpouring of support to all those who joined in my online promotions was also something to be overwhelmed and happy about. Thank you to everyone who participated and who came to our event 🙂 Looking forward to more events like those.


Me and the girls donning on our happy faces after the successful block screening we hosted. 

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 What comes to mind when you hear the word “Satchmi?” Music? Sure. Coffee? Definitely. Food? Hopefully.
At long last, the curators at Satchmi has expanded its space in SM Megamall to house
more than the chock-full of records and Motorinos. This time around, Satchmi has added a long list of new products that both newcomers and frequenters will find interesting.

This was what greeted me during their soft opening night 🙂 A Full House of Customers and Regular Patrons


Bring on the Diving Adventure as the Diving Travel Expo makes Waves in the Philippines!

Last week, I was fortunate to be invited in the opening of the Diving Expo held in the grounds of Megamall 🙂 Various indigenous dances were performed and different booths all had their fair share of attractions and very affordable rates so there’s no excuse for you to pass up on this chance of diving deep into the blue, salty ocean waters and discover all the aquatic wonders that our might reefs and seas hold 🙂 Yey! 🙂 I am so excited for this since the inner wanderlust in me screams to be free and again embark on another exciting adventure! 🙂 Here’s a little backgrounder on this Expo if you’re wondering what it holds for you guys! 🙂

Me and Aci at the Expo :)
Me and Aci at the Expo 🙂

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16th Ultimate Wedding and Debut Fair happening this January 3&4, 2015

With all the hype on my Facebook news feed as of late about the grand proposals which were very well planned  to the simple yet sentimental ones being promulgated by the soon to be newly weds. This event is really up to date and would definitely help steer them in the right direction especially for those who want that seamlessly well executed wedding.

This is a once in a lifetime event and for those lucky few weddings just happen once in your life so better make your dream wedding into a reality.

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Food Review: Kitchitora Ramen

I was already up and about at 8am in the morning last Saturday August 30,2014 since our Freshman Orientation was about to take place in school and in the afternoon I eventually ended up  helping in facilitating the games for the newbies by standing as one of their Marshals in their Amazing Race contest.

It’s always a refreshing twist whenever there are games like these which get your mind thinking, your adrenalin pumping and your people skills working. When I had my orientation seminar in the afternoon 2 semesters ago we had this cheer leading contest wherein you had to make a hymn and also make up customized lyrics depicting how proud you are to be an Atenean: A Blue Eagle geared toward soaring to greater heights, we managed to eventually produce and execute a song and dance number to the tune of Pitch Perfect’s: I Saw the Sign. We also made some balloons in the shape of an eagle and our guy team mates lifted off one of our classmates who played the role of our eagle.

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