Christmas Shopping Hacks this December :)

It’s December once again! How time flies, another productive year filled with peaks and valleys along the way. A lot has transpired for me this year from coming our of my comfort zone to meeting new people from various walks of life. From finally getting a good grasp on my goals and setting my priorities straight and as I slowly navigate my way through this labyrinth called life, I am again realizing that you can’t control everything and sometimes you just have to sit back, relax, go with flow and let life surprise you.
With that said, I am now quite preoccupied with a lot of things aside from finishing my paper for my thesis. Doing some last minute errands, turning over some files for work and of course doing my last minute shopping for those people dear to me. 
Me looking like a present with this OOTD 🙂 

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Enjoy More Quality Time when you do your Laundry

Last week was a happy week for me, not only did I get my well deserved break after the semester but I also got to spend some quality time with my family over the weekend since I have been out 2 weeks in a row widening my horizons like going on a camping/ backpacking trip in the hills of Quezon Province to chilling out with my friend from GradSchool in one of the private pools in Laguna.

The hills are alive! 🙂 Scenes like these make me want to enjoy my solitude and forget the world sometimes 🙂 Checking out this uphill view in Quezon Province

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