My Organic Haircolor Experience with Herbatint

It’s a Monday once again! Time to start the daily grind and be productive once again! I felt like the weekend just breezed by me and that I need one more day between Saturday and Sunday to laze around and do my other things that need attending to like updating my blog. 🙂 hehe. Guess I just need to master the art of time management really well. :)

Anyway, the past few weeks had been a blur of activities for me from reading self help books to meeting up with my friends who will be my future business partners in this new endavor that we are about to undertake to working at my day job from Monday to Friday. There just never seems enough time. 😦 But despite my schedule being loaded I have to manage to find time to touch up on my roots and get my much needed facial since you should never forget to pamper yourself once in a while.

Me meeting up with my friend Jel to discuss our plans after my roots got touched up:) So excited for this project to commence 🙂

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Go Natural and Be Moisturized with Lip Pure!

Everyone’s going natural these days! 🙂 With all the preservatives and other toxins that exist in today’s world. we really have to be picky with the stuff that we use, never scrimp on quality just cause it’s cheap or you got it an a bargain price. Always remember that it might have some repercussions in the end especially when it comes to make up and skin care.


Good news! 🙂 We can look natural and great with organic products that comes with great quality as well! 🙂 Introducing Lip Ice with their newest endorser Yassi Pressman! 🙂 Who is just the right candidate for this product since she exudes what it’s like to be naturally beautiful with just the right products at hand 🙂

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Food Review: Soi Thai Cuisine

Because we love trying out new things and were a little bit on the adventurous and experimental end with regards to the food we intake. We make it a point to try at least one new thing/ adventure/ restaurant (whether it’s fine dining/ hole in the wall/ budget meals) as long as it presents something new to our palette at the end of every week or once in two weeks at least.

We wanted to try something new this time around as usual and since we have already had a taste of the following cuisines: Mediterranean, Chinese, Filipino, American, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese. We decided to give Thai Cuisine a taste so that ended us up in Soi:  A Thai Restaurant in Greenhills.

Their Name and Logo
Their Name and Logo

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