From Singapore to Manila! Annam Noodle Bar Opens in Eastwood!

Last Wednesday since it was a holiday I took the liberty to rest and enjoy my vacation in the middle of the week. Thank you to the current administration for declaring it as a holiday 🙂 I got to catch up on my much needed R&R and then during the evening of that  night I was invited over to try the newest craze in town with regards to Vietnamese Cuisine and being the foodie that I was who am I to refuse a good meal right? 🙂 So since Eastwood was near our place I just took a grab car and got there in less than 15 minutes 🙂 How convenient! 🙂 

Their native menu which we also got the chance to take home 🙂 

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Salcedo Market Celebrates it’s 12th Anniversary! :)

If there’s anything that I love in this life more than embarking on various adventures it is the constant quest to search for new finds and delicious food choices which I can happily share to my friends and loved ones. 🙂

So when I got the chance to go and cover Salcedo Market’s 12th Anniversary early morning yesterday I honestly was quite reluctant to go since it entailed waking up early on a Saturday and if you know me well you would know how much I treasure my weekends since it’s my time to rest after the long busy week but the new experience of heading out there and seeing what’s in store in that place overtook my hesitations and I must say that the early morning rise was definitely worth it! 🙂 So here’s how my first time in the Salcedo Market went by.. 🙂

Droves of people were actually coming in despite the early hours of the Saturday morning and many were already carrying off their week long supply of market finds and fresh produce from the market. I guess it holds true to the saying that the early bird catches the worm especially in cases like these. 🙂 

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Mercato Centrale’s Midnight Mercato at BGC moves to a New Location!

Last week October 2,2015 I was invited to the new location of the Midnight Mercato Market to its new  abode at the corner of 25th Street and 7th Avenue, in front of The Forum, South Global, Bonifacio Global City.

For those not familiar with it, here’s a quick backgrounder

Mercato Centrale is the biggest night food market in the Philippines where Manila foodies just like me who loves all sorts of new enticing dishes can enjoy home-based food goodness with the backdrop of the Spaceman. You will surely get enamored by the sumptuous smell emanating from the various dishes that our vendors there cooked up for their customers.

Check out this cool Mural! :)
Check out this cool Mural! 🙂

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