IPPUDO Introduces its new Clam Chowder Ramen!

I have always believed in having a healthy work life balance. Simply put, you also have a life outside your work. That’s why I always list down my goals in my planner and keep tabs on it once in a while to ensure that I am making progress on my goals.

So far I guess I am on the right track since aside from working in my 9-5 job on a daily basis after work I usually go to the gym and ensure that I eat right, meaning I include more veggies and healthy options in my staple diet nowadays. Aside from that, I get to attend events again as much as my time permits and I am also entertaining other speaking engagements in the coming months. So before I get all consumed up once again in how my life had been these past few weeks let me recount first one of the foodie invites I went to just last week in Megamall. 🙂


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Good Ah ups up the Ante with BBQ Delights and More..

Despite being inundated with things to do I still managed to indulge myself in finding happiness in the smallest of details and one of these was the new product offerings from Good Ah which I was fortunate to taste last week in the confines of Metrowalk in Ortigas at around 4pm last Friday.

Usually during our merienda me and my work friends go outside our office and buy sticks of BBQ or indulge in easy to cook noodles and Pancit Canton. 🙂 But of course BBQ would still top the list of my favorite merienda finds in the afternoon! 🙂 So just imagine my delight when Good Ah invited me taste their newest additions to their already affordable and tasty menu! 🙂

BBQ Liempo
Grilled Liempo with Pork BBQ Sticks FTW! 🙂

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Now Introducing: Taco Bell’s New Meaty Grillers!

Okay, I haven’t really been that active for about a week already in my blog due to my unpredictable schedule and loads of events lining up my calendar during the week. From watching Big Hero 6, to my acupuncture and ventosa session, to my foodie meet ups to a beauty make up session along the confines of Tomas Morato followed by later on by an inspirational talk about your life heroes to squeezing out some time to meet up and have dinner with my friends despite all the hullabaloo going around as of late in my life and then ending this week with a relaxing massage.

Enough about that, I will now get back on track and write again after my long hiatus! 🙂 Yey! 🙂 Here goes the first of my adventures for the week! 😀 Enjoy reading guys! 🙂

Welcome Zomans!
Welcome Zomans! This is the name they use to pertain to Zomato foodies! 🙂 Cool right? 😀
Photo I posted on my Instagram account documenting this foodie meet up
Photo I posted on my Instagram account documenting this foodie meet up

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