Healthy Skin Magazine dishes Lifestyle Hacks at Stacy’s BGC

Sugar, Spice and Everything nice. Those are the ingredients which makes the Powerpuff Girls (Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup) My favorite super heroes to watch when I was a kid in Cartoon Network. 

Stacy’s  restaurant reminds me perfectly of those cute girls! Since the place is full of sweet treats (sugar), has a little (spice) or a twist to it due to it’s sumptuous and enticing dishes and it’s all made up of everything nice! 🙂

Such a cute invite for the event! 🙂 This was the invite sent to me in my email regarding the event 🙂 Who can say no to this? 🙂

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Affordable Meals at Yumchee BGC Stopover

Another new food discovery comes to me in the form of a Chinese Joint nestled in between the confines of the very inviting BGC Stopover.

Yesterday, Richie from The Pickiest Eater invited me to another awesome food tasting event however since I was attending mass during that time I asked if I can make “habol” after mass to catch up on the event and he said it was okay. So even though I was late I decided to book myself a ride in Grabcar and make my way to BGC.

Their Menu which was printed on paper and contains their very affordable Menu

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Need for Speed? Watch out for the Newest Model of Gen-S Sports Motorcycles.

Traffic is gaining popularity nowadays as one of the most pressing problems our society is plagued with on a daily basis. Sometimes I even envision myself just like Megan Fox, the sexy, sultry vixen from Transformers riding a motorbike on a hot sweltering day however, of course that would not happen in reality because

a. She is a movie star and I am not

b. I really don’t have the guts to ride a motorbike along the congested roads of EDSA 🙂 Haha.

Anyway, since I am again getting caught up with these day dreams and veering off topic 🙂 Let me tell you something exciting which will surely get your adrenaline shooting up in your veins 🙂

One of the most sought after sexy models Megan Fox :)
One of the most sought after sexy models Megan Fox 🙂

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