New Dishes at Mighty Quinns MegaMall

There was a time in my life wherein I had the liberty of time to write until the wee hours of the morning about my late night thoughts and my recent jaunts and food discoveries. I guess, some things just took precedence in the past few months as my love for blogging took a backseat as I can only write during my spare time.

However, as much as I can and when my schedule permits I still grace events once in a while especially if it interests me. So when Richie from The Pickiest Eater invited me to try out the new dishes of Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque in Megamall a few weeks back, without hesitation I immediately said YES. 

After finishing off some emails and while waiting for my UBER ride I tried to research on the background of this joint that I would go to. I have read that it originally came from NYC and is actually one of the best-rated BBQ restaurants in New York City.

This restaurant opened its doors to our contrymen when it opened its doors last December 2016. Behind this worthy initiative is the Standard Hospitality Group which is actually the same group behind Yabu and Ipuddo.

The overall design of the place brings about a minimalistic yet rustic feel to it since the color of their walls is mostly a monochromatic grey/ black with accentuated by their furnishings which is mostly composed of wooden colors. 

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