Your Desire SkinCare and Spa Opens in QC

I have always been on the look out for awesome deals with regards to items and services which interests me. Lately I have been quite enamored with online shopping and great deals which can be bought at a fraction of the original cost yet the service rendered would be at par as their regular priced services.

One of my officemates recently availed of a great deal from a nearby salon and it’s results were quite astounding since it gave her hair the volume and the shine that she has been pining for quite some time now. I was curious as to where this salon is located so she advised me to check out the great deals which can be readily bought from Metrodeal which can give you such a good value for your money.

Contemplating on the salon service that I would avail of

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Of Gowns and Dresses at F Boutique

I can’t believe another week had already gone by so quickly! With the BER Months ushering in a season of festivities and yuletide cheers its now time to get dressed and to be impressed with the various OOTD’s and outfits that will surely be the staples of fashion stores and retail outlets nationwide. I wonder what my dress will be for this year’s Halloween party? or maybe this year’s Christmas Party? Time to get those fresh ideas going so I can don on the perfect dress come these next few months! 🙂 

Georgina looks so gorgeous donned in this wedding dress. I’m sure all of us want our own customized wedding trails one day as we walk down the aisle and as we exchange “I Do’s ” with our significant other) 

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Marriott Manila opens the largest ballroom in the Country

Marriott Manila, just opened the largest ballroom in the Philippines with a total of 8,000 square meters of function space. The complex has can hold several meetings and celebrations all at the same time with it’s vast expanse and spacious rooms.


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