A Filipino board game is changing the way people learn business.

I have a confession to make.. Okay here it goes.. I love board games! Who doesn’t right? Especially if it’s mind boggling and confusing sometimes. The skills that can be honed from playing a simple board game can also be translated to real life sometimes.

When I was a kid, me and my sister used to play chess and we would take turns outwitting, outsmarting and outplaying each other and developing sinister plans to eliminate the kingdom of another person and completely eradicate her whole territory from the board. But then when we grew up, we decided on trying out Scrabble because not only does it increase  your vocabulary but it also makes you think a lot on how to strategize and garner the highest points among your competitors. Yes, I know we are competitive like that! 🙂 haha.

But of course we are always on the search for new and upcoming mind boggling board games especially if it contributes to honing our strategic skills in life. Introducing this new board game that launched on October 15 on Kickstarter which is set to transform how people experience starting and sustaining a business without the risk.

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