Go Shave! Dove Takes Care of Your Underarms

I love wearing sleeveless tops if not only for my flabby arms which might have been caused by my heavy eating due to my food blog so I guess I should control the food that I intake on a daily basis 🙂 But of course another impediment that might stop me from wearing my sleeveless tops and raising my arms above are those moments wherein I forgot to head off to laybare and shave those unwanted underam hair or those dark underarms brought about by my deo or due to shaving. Well, thanks to Dove! 🙂 My underarm worries are no more! 🙂 

Me wearing one of my favorite tops after a full meal 🙂 

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Because Life’s a BEACH: Palawan 2014

We make it a point to travel and end our year with another milestone or a memory worth noting so for this year what better way to end my 2014 than embarking again on a back packing trip with no less than the underground rivers and caves of Palawan and  diving off into their pristine waters by the shores.

The Three Musketeers off to another adventure
The Three Musketeers off to another adventure

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