Share the Love This Christmas with PayMaya’s Merry Millionaire Promo

GOALS. We all have this. Whether this might be traversing around the world and going to various parts of the country, pouring  your heart out in writing and publising your very first post in your blog, teaching in an academe or working in a good company and getting to talk about your company to your customers in various places. These goals keep us on our toes constantly and propels us to move forward each day with a purpose 🙂

I guesss, my passion for constantly learning new things and sharing these new insights to others reflect on my wriings and articles. That’s why when I heard of this new promo that PayMaya is launching. I could not help but get excited once again as I share to you their million peso promo 🙂 Who knows? You might just be their next big winner 🙂

Thankful for this opportunity to talk about our company in various radio stations 🙂 #LifeGoals

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PayMaya and Facebook Launch Payment Tools in Messenger

Have you ever felt that you are running out of time? That there are many things that need attending to but you couldn’t accomodate everything all at once since you are pressed for time? I want to do a lot of things. In my dreams I would dream of flying off to a faraway place in a balloon or going deep sea diving with my friends or starting my own enterprise while teaching and keeping my day job as well.

However, it seems like for now it would have to remain a goal or a dream since I still have a lot of things to take care of. In the meantime, I would bask under the sun and enjoy life as it is. 🙂 So just last week we celebrated the birthday of KD’s Dad at Vikings, we all had a great time joking around that in four years he would already be a senior citizen and would be accorded with many benefits like free movie tickets, priority parking in malls and free birthday cakes in Makati. I guess age is just a state of mind.

HIs Dad gamely posed as I took his photo with his mini cake care of Vikings

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Walking Down the Runway At Trinoma

Just a couple of weeks back I was given a chance to walk down the runway together with various celebrities and professional models all draped in various signature tops and garments from the different merchandisers of the Trinoma Mall.

I wasn’t really expecting much since I just thought that it would be a small event held in the Activity Center of the Mall but to my surprise a lot of people including my family came to the event to cheer on their favorite community models and witness their favorite stars walk down the runway and deliver their own intermission numbers.

Me donning on this floral dress from JeoFresh Phillippines 

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PayMaya launches New Campaign to empower millennials in Driving the Digital Economy


Millennials like us have been called many names like entitled, shallow, and self-centered. But we all know that this is not true. There is more to us than what meets the public eye. We have our own passions, were creative and imaginative and most of all we aren’t afraid to take the big leap just to express ourselves. 

People may sometimes misconstrue what I say because I am outspoken most of the time and I make it a point to have my opinion heard especially if I have something to contribute to the table. However, I still give value to the counsel of the years and I do not discount their advice to me since they say that the best teacher is through experience.

So with the counsel of our mentors and our gutsy attitudes I know that we can change the world somehow 🙂 That’s why when I was invited a couple of weeks back to the event of PayMaya I didn’t really hesitate since they would launch their new millennial brand ambassadors and I was stoked to find out who they would be.

Travel is life 🙂 This photo was taken from my recent trip in the shores of Bataan during the long weekend. 

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Why You Should Travel with Your SO

Its the summer season once again and I can already feel the heat of the summer sunshine. Flights and travels are already in place as the months of April and May roll in. With that being said, I think that one of the ways to test your true compatibility with your lover is to travel together whether its booking a flight or just embarking on a 12 hour long drive to the provinces.

Traveling has been proven healthy for romantic relationships, whether new or long term. Couples mainly travel to spend time together and share experiences, but true travel junkies know that it brings a wealth of other benefits. Here are a four good reasons why you should travel with your significant other:

This was our first road trip together when we witnessed the Hot Air Balloon Festival

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PayMaya teams up with Foodpanda for an Exclusive Promo

It’s the season to be jolly! Fa-lala-lala-lala-la-la, or was it the season to be fatty? Nonetheless, this is the season to say good bye to my diet and say hello to sumptuous food and jolly festivities with close familes and friends 🙂 In line with this, not everyone has the luxury of time to cook, toil and labor trying to perfect their signature recipes for the potluck sessions about to commence this holiday season. 

PayMaya Philippines, the country’s pioneer in mobile money and payments, has partnered with leading online food ordering platform, foodpanda, to treat  its users with an exclusive promo that will make ordering food online, a whole lot more convenient and affordable.YAS! 🙂 

Because there is nothing better than great food served on your table! 🙂 

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Shop cashless at the Summer Clic E Bazaar with Pay Maya Swipe

Last Friday night before I had dinner with my friends and after my meeting in the morning I was invited over to attend the county’s first ‘cashless’ e-bazaar. This event was launched last April 1st at SMX Aura in Taguig City by PLDT Smart SME Nation and Pay Maya together with event organizer Karl Edwards International.

Me and my college friend Jhesna bonded first at Starbucks regaling each other of our own misadventures right after college. Seems like no time was spent apart as we were transported back to those days when we were giggly girls donning on our nursing aprons. 

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“7 Things We Loved About GoodVybes”

Indie and Pop music lovers converged at Aseana City Open Grounds in Manila, last February 20, 2016 for the first-ever GoodVybes Music Festival headlined by non other than Oh Wonder, Chvrches, and Passion Pit. The event may be over now but we will always look back at some of its unforgettable moments:

Lovi Poe doing a ballerina pose during the event 🙂 

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Get a chance to win 5 Seconds of Summer VIP tickets with PayMaya

Who doesn’t love music right? When I’m down and feeling blue or when I’m quite happy and elated after working out or when I’m just relaxing and unwinding during the weekends I usually turn to Music to accompany me and set the mood for the day 🙂

Manila’s music crowd is ready to sound good, feel good as the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) are set to arrive this March 12! The concert is scheduled to perform at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City and you can be one of the first to see Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, and Calum Hood perform live onstage!


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Need a wingman on Valentine’s Day? Takatack and PayMaya can get you the best gifts in town

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner in a couple of weeks, We may still not be quite sure on what to give our SO’s.

Good thing Voyager Innovations and PayMaya Philippines, the digital innovations units of PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), have the ultimate wingmen for us.

Shopping discovery platform Takatack and digital payments mobile app PayMaya can help Filipinos ace the two most challenging parts of this special day – gifts and dates.


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