A Valentine Masquerade Ball

It’s been a while since I last posted in this blog site of ours and I very much missed blogging big time! 🙂 Not only does it serve as my creative outlet whenever I’m stressed or brimming with excitement with regards to the recent adventures I went through this past week but it also serves as my therapy in a way to put into words all those feels and emotions that I seem to experience with every new thing that I embark on.

Photo of me and Ate Niz playing around the booth as we were the first ones to test the prints :)
Photo of me and Ate Niz playing around the booth as we were the first ones to test the prints 🙂

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Happy 1st Birthday Valerie Kassandra

Yesterday was the 1st natal day of my office mate Vanessa’s baby girl and she invited us to be their photo booth and cover this momentous occasion. 🙂 Yey! 🙂 More projects for us! 🙂 2 more are upcoming next month and then another business venture will be up in the works come next week with me and my friend. 🙂

The gorgeous Mother Vanessa and her very cute princess
The gorgeous Mother Vanessa and her very cute princess

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Who is the fairest of them all? Yoshinoya welcomes Miss Earth 2014 Finalists

I was fortunate to be invited as one of their Media Partners to cover this said event wherein Yoshinoya ( A Japanese fast food chain giant) decided to come out with their latest deliciously whipped Gyudon (Beef Bowls) promo in lieu with the Holiday season. This is the same product profile where Yoshinoya operates in other parts of the world.



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Celebrating Cassey’s 18th with Photobooth Masters

To be young, wild and free and just enjoy the frolic of the youth is one of the best gifts anyone can have and treasure. Don’t you think so too?

If only I can go back to being 18 again then that would be nothing short of AWESOME! 🙂 However, with age also comes maturity and wisdom in a way. We cannot always be frivolous and just living our lives without a clear and defined purpose. Sometimes, as much as we want to stay trapped in this youthful glory of ours like Peter Pan we have to learn life long lessons and be a better person in the end.

So anyway, moving forward with this blog post we would like to thank our client Ms. Rona for choosing us Photo booth Masters to cover her daughter’s  very posh and sassy Victoria’s Secret inspired event. Her change of gowns were very classy and sleek which even came in with some wings like those from the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s fashion show which garnered loud cheers and hoots from the crowd.

A Night to Remember
A Night to Remember

A Starbucks stall was even positioned at the end of the hallway wherein the guests can have  a dose of their regular caffeine fix or their favorite frapuccino for the young ones. The hallway was adorned also with an ark and a red carpet where the caterers were also placed alongside the photo booth and also placed in line was the event’s organizers table.

The Debutant with her Angel Wings
The Debutant with her Angel Wings


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Zumba Day last Thursday

This event took place last Thursday (August 7, 2014)  at the Trinity Gymnasium around 6pm- 9pm. Our OB- Gyne doctors from St. Lukes in coordination with our Marketing Team came up with this Fitness Zumba Event and they hired us Photobooth Master’s to cover their event.

Thanks Ms. Veggie and Mara for trusting us to cover your event. See you again next event! 😀 So anyway moving on, I was kind of feeling a little bit down under the weather and came in a little late to meet up with Pat and David at Shakeys since they were both having a little snack already before the event since we knew that we would both become busy in attending to the guests who wanted to have their photos taken and we would also have to set up the booth as quickly as possible. So after eating as quickly as possible we headed off to set up the booth while David left to attend to his car wash business and offered to give us both a ride after our event if we had no ride home. Thanks David!

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UST Education Orientation: Photobooth Event

We had our second event at UST. My sister Krizel (which happened to be their Auditor for the College of Education) employed our services for their freshman orientation. The event proper was supposed to start at 11am so we got there just in the nick of time about an hour or so in advance before the event started. We still had ample time to set up and freshen up before we geared up for battle (The hordes of students and faculty queueing at our booth waiting to get their photos taken).

The early birds. This is us before starting the event and setting up.
The early birds. This is us before starting the event and setting up.

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Monthsary Dinner at Gaucho

I used to think that the concept of time before was so lame. That I had all the time in the world to grow up when I was a kid, that I would forever be a kid but then again I guess we mature also at some point in our lives and we realize that we weren’t that little girl you used to be anymore. Still cute but not that little anymore. Hihi. 🙂

It’s been almost a year already since Pat and I became acquainted with one another and the more time I spend with him, the more he seems to fascinate me with his wide array of knowledge on various topics. You can talk to him about anything and everything under the sweltering sun and he’s sure to have a reply and won’t come empty handed with answers.

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Photobooth Master’s: Taking Photography to a whole new level

Since one of our paradigms in life is that: Memories should be documented not forgotten entirely. Me and Pat decided to build a business exuding just that motto, so what better way to document and immortalize your memories than to have your photos taken at any event that you will go.

Guess what’s hip? What’s new? and something cool and awesome to do? Book us as your photo booth for your upcoming event or any occasion that you would like to celebrate. We cater to a vast array of occasions whether it may be your sweet 16 birthday bash, your 18th birthday, your wedding, anniversary, school and corporate affairs  and also your kid’s first birthday.

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