Air Asia and Nikon award the Best Travel Photographer

Do you love to travel and explore various places? Do you often catch yourself snapping up photos of the wonderful sights you see and stare in amazement at the majestic creations of nature? 🙂

What if you were given the chance to fly for free to another country with all expenses covered and paid for? What’s even better is you get to be under the tutelage of the most respected photographers in the industry of Travel Photography. How cool is that? That is exactly what happened during the contest launched by Air Asia and Nikon last month. 

Air Asia

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Zumba Day last Thursday

This event took place last Thursday (August 7, 2014)  at the Trinity Gymnasium around 6pm- 9pm. Our OB- Gyne doctors from St. Lukes in coordination with our Marketing Team came up with this Fitness Zumba Event and they hired us Photobooth Master’s to cover their event.

Thanks Ms. Veggie and Mara for trusting us to cover your event. See you again next event! 😀 So anyway moving on, I was kind of feeling a little bit down under the weather and came in a little late to meet up with Pat and David at Shakeys since they were both having a little snack already before the event since we knew that we would both become busy in attending to the guests who wanted to have their photos taken and we would also have to set up the booth as quickly as possible. So after eating as quickly as possible we headed off to set up the booth while David left to attend to his car wash business and offered to give us both a ride after our event if we had no ride home. Thanks David!

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