Food Review: Zaifu

As I was sitting on our lazy boy chair while munching on my ordered stuffed crust pizza and watching previous episodes of “Revenge”. I was definitely having a good time as my back was relaxed as it was massaged  up and down and back and forth by this new device I attached in front of the lazy boy seat. I recalled my recent food venture at Zaifu and decided to blog about it.
I was craving for Japanese food this one fine night after class and what better way to satiate my hunger than venturing off into Zaifu which was conveniently located at the basement of Rockwell Powerplant Mall. You can choose from their wide array of choices such as the maki, ramen, tempura, donburi and sukiyaki.
One of my favorite appetizers "Tuna Sashimi"
One of my favorite appetizers “Tuna Sashimi”

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Food Review: Shi Lin Powerplant Mall Rockwell

Since enrollment for the next term was already due this week I decided to head out afterwards to eat at Shi Lin since I was craving for my ultimate favorite “Century Eggs” so where better to head off than Shi Lin since its conveniently located at the 3rd floor of the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.

Their signature "Soup Dumplings"
Their signature “Soup Dumplings”

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