Trying out Franco’s for dinner

We decided to try out this newly opened joint in Powerplant Mall called Franco’s. It used to be called Myron’s which was well known for whipping up their signature dishes of oysters and steaks! 🙂 Just hearing about this makes my heart swell with happiness! 😀 Hello steak!

The name has changed to Franco’s as a tribute to their youngest son who passed on a few years back.  Check this out for more details on what happened and how it all started. Looking at the place, it was quite simple and good for a nice dinner/ lunch out with your  friends and family. The place has a homey and casual vibe and feel to it. The place was surrounded by some miniature toys and some wooden robots signifying some of Franco’s favorite artifacts and play things.

Their Menu which came off like a booklet :)
Their Menu which came off looking  like a booklet 🙂

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Food Review: Rustan’s Gourmet to Go

Since school is officially back again in my calendar! I had to catch up on my readings and do some home works already. Goodbye again social life! Hello to another three months of lectures, group works, late night brainstorming sessions with a cup of black coffee in one hand to keep me awake until the wee hours of the night and a bag of chips on another hand to help me think while I’m typing my report on my laptop.

I was feeling a bit quite under the weather lately, perhaps it’s the increased congestion on the roads every single morning when I wake up or perhaps it’s the fluctuating weather conditions. Whatever it is, nothing can put me into a good mood again than having a hearty meal while conversing about our due papers with P.

We headed off to the ground floor of Powerplant Mall inside Rustans to look for the Gourmet to Go.

Gourmet to Go
Gourmet to Go

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Lunch at Pepper Lunch

Since class was about to start in a couple of minutes we decided to grab ourselves a quick fix so we went to Pepper lunch since I haven’t really eaten up here before since the last time we were here. Pat was the only one eating and he just gave me some servings of his meal which ended up him splitting his meal into two. Sorry Babe 🙂 Told you I wasn’t hungry.

Their operating hours are from Monday to Sunday at 11am- 10 pm I think. Their meals are quite okay prices range from 200- 500 pesos. At Pepper Lunch diners get to cook their own food over a patented electromagnetic plate that is heated up to 260 degrees Celsius within one minute.  Choice cuts of beef, chicken, pork and salmon are served with rice and vegetables for guests to cook and season using flavors of teriyaki, onion sauce, honey brown sauce (Amakuchi) or garlic soy sauce (Karakuchi)—and that dash of freshly ground pepper to give you that delicious, flavor-filled meal.

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