Women Get Empowered All Around With NEW! PRIVA Perfect Care 2-in-1 Feminine Wash

Women are more empowered nowadays as compared to the generations of the past. Now we have high flying corporate jobs, we have opened up more and are successful in manning up own own businesses, we have the prerogative to widen our horizons, travel the world and get that post graduate degree you have always envisioned yourself to have.

The modern-day woman does not settle for anything less than perfect. From her style, to her look, down to every single detail there is to notice about her, she likes to take things up a notch. When it comes to her personal care products, she expects the same level up. We shouldn’t just settle for anything less than what we deserve right? Along with this comes maintaining our figures, taking care of our bodies and making sure our bodies get the pampering treatments once in a while. 

So when the opportunity to listen in to an empowering girl talk came to me last week I immediately penned it in my planner and decided to go to Glorietta 1 last Sunday to check out what the event was all about. 🙂

In this photo are: Priva Assistant Product Manager Karole Santos, Chic Driven Co- Founder Issa Litton, Blogger Denise Heredia, Tessa Prieto- Valdez and Phoem Baranda at the Priva Booth last Sunday

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