Mandara Spa Paranaque: A Relaxing Respite

The past few weeks had been a blur of activities but nonetheless fun 🙂 Aside from getting my feet wet again in the Corporate setting a lot of events in my personal life had also transpired.

With January done the love month now ushers in a lot of events and exciting adventures for all the couples and single ladies too like the hot air balloon festival in Clark Pampanga wherein rumors say is going to be the last show since developers plan to develop the area to a more profitable business. This one I should not pass up. Aside from that I have also booked myself to another beach vacation come the second quarter of this year. Can’t wait to go snorkeling again and see the aquatic wonders under the seas 🙂

But before I get ahead of myself once again due to my giddiness and excitement. Let me first recount one of the most relaxing spa sessions I had just last week along the confines of Paranaque. Despite me braving the arduous traffic I must say it was all worth it upon arriving to the place. Read on to find out more…

Me driving all the way to the South for this relaxing experience. Looking forward to being pampered and forgetting my worries away.

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Magic Potions Beauoxiwhite Soap and Capsules Review :)

With the advent of E- Commerce and Online Marketing. Convenience is the new in and everything can be purchased at the tip of your fingers without you having the hassle of lining up in the long queues or going out of the house and being hassled with all the traffic congesting our streets.

Since we’re talking about online shopping, on that note one shop that’s been 11 years in the business offers a wide array of beauty and health enhancing products from head to toe! Have you heard of Magic Potions? Yes? No? Maybe so? Would be some of your answers. But I guarantee you that their reviews and positive feedback from their clients really do hold water to their claims. So without further ado, here’s my personal experience with some of their products 🙂

Their top of the line Glutathione Pills and Whitening and Anti- Aging/ Moisturizing Soap

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Achieve that Glowing and Healthy Skin with Lumineux Glutathione! :)

We all have goals right? Whether it be getting your own personal car, getting a raise, switching careers, finishing off your Master’s or just simply losing weight and achieving a whiter and glowing skin.

Superficial as it may seem, One of my goals this year was to get glowing, smoother, younger looking and lighter skin. I believe that we usually take for granted the biggest organ in our body which is our Skin.

Wish I can be forever young :)
Wish I can be forever young 🙂

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One Family at the Cottolengo Filipino

Yesterday was a day worth remembering and will truly be one for the books 😀 I did not only get to make other people smile by helping out, volunteering my time and effort but also learned a lot in the process and I would forever be thankful for allowing me to have this experience.
I did not think much as to what would happen during the course of the day yesterday since I lacked sleep the previous night, My Mom just told me to be up and ready by 5am since we would be embarking to an outreach activity in the hills of Tanay Rizal. I thought it would just be another outreach (You know, the usual drill like when you help build houses for the downtrodden facets of society, or you help and interact with those old, retired and forgotten grandparents in the Golden Acres, or you go to the slums and dole out some goods to help out the flood victims.) But, I was wrong.
Their Family
Their Family

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Lunching out at Conti’s via Uber

Me and Kat wanted to grab lunch but since we kind of wanted something new aside from our usual go to staples like the canteen, JT’s, Skinny Mike’s, Mcdo, Jollibee, SNR and some fast food chains surrounding the vicinity of our office we consented on heading off to Serendra to just sit back and enjoy our meal at Conti’s the Fort. It has been a while since we last dined in there.

Conti's Menu
Conti’s Menu

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Unleash your inner Sherlock at Mystery Manila: 1 Room, 1 Hour, 1 Escape.

Me and my friends are quite different in more ways than one but what binds us together is our ultimate love for adventure and trying out new things. YOLO! 😀 You only live once right? So anyway, moving on we heard about this new place that recently opened in both Eastwood and Jupiter Street in Makati at the old RCBC building (note: I was already spooked upon entering the vicinity since the place was quite dilapidated and outdated which adds up to the creepy feel of the place, the elevator too was sort of an old school lift which bores an uncanny resemblance to the one in most horror flicks that I watched). Too much movies I guess! 🙂

Unlock your inner Sherlock or Nancy Drew
Unlock your inner Sherlock or Nancy Drew

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City Escape: Pinto Art Gallery and Museum

I have always established travel and adventure goals since I was a child like traveling to at least two domestic destinations and one international destination every year, climbing a mountain while completing a 5k run, watching the sun rise and sun set as I sit back and relax along the mountainside, joining a fun run with some hurdles scattered along the way, solving mysteries with your friends as you escape from the pitch black dark room, screaming my lungs out as I got chased by corpses and zombies in Scream park with my friends, watching an International Broadway play, riding a go kart & jet ski, riding a camel, seeing the windmills, patting a tiger without getting bitten, learning pottery, coursing through the raging rapids, cruising along a lake while singing and eating, island hopping to various virgin islets and snorkeling to see the corals and various underwater treasures and fishes.  Seeing new sights, museums and tasting various cuisines in some hole in the wall food joints. I feel quite blessed since I was able to accomplish all of my goals so far and I am looking forward to ticking most of them off in my bucket list.  Yey! 😀

Photo collage I made which I posted in my Instagram account.
Photo collage I made which I posted in my Instagram account.

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A Must Watch: Rak of Aegis

When we first heard of this Comedy- Musical coming up we (Me and my Office mates) immediately inquired about their ticket sales and available slots. We were quite stunned that most shows were already fully booked and sold out so we ended up purchasing a ticket dated at August 23, 2014 at 8pm on a Saturday night at the PETA theater.
Aegis songs which were comprised of an all female group became popular in the 90’s.  Their songs were all about unrequited love, broken hearts and dreams which were shattered in the process.  (A tad melodramatic it seems right? ).  Their powerful vocals which resonated throughout the stage whenever they perform are something to really look forward to. So we just couldn’t contain our excitement when we heard that these songs from the powerful all girl group rock band were being made into a comedy musical play. We were eager to see how everything would eventually come into play and pan out.
My Ticket
My Ticket


Rak of Aegis
Rak of Aegis


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Zhu Chinese Kitchen at the Fort

I was always intrigued by what this restaurant had to offer since we usually pass by it whenever we have some catch up sessions with my friends along the Fort. However, I have never dined in there before since I usually see empty chairs and not a lot of traffic coming in to their store. So yesterday since it was a holiday. (Thanks Ninoy!) and since most establishments were closed or open only for a limited time only we decided to give this Chinese joint a try.

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New Hole in the Wall Restaurant: H Cuisine (Tomas Morato)

Since it was a Sunday and I had work yesterday, Pat decided to pay me a visit at work since we were going to hear mass and dinner will follow suit afterwards. We decided to head out to mass and then maybe play some board games with his friends since we were all in constant communication with the group during the course of the night.

However, mass finished a little late and then came the heavy downpour of the rain so we just decided to reschedule our night out with our friends and just have a casual dinner somewhere near. After scouring Morato for another new find we decided to just eat at Rub Ribs. Although we ate there before we just consented on eating there again since we thought it was a good find and since both of us were already starving after the mass.

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