BIG D’s in Venice!

BALANCE. In life and in love I believe that everything hinges and revolves around this concept because if you lose your balance then everything goes awry. There are various aspects of our lives that we should learn to even out despite our busy schedules or else we would be too consumed up with just one aspect of our life and in grave cases it might lead to over fatigue and burn out.

That is why as much as possible on weekends, whenever I have my days off.  I try to venture out to pursue my passion which is discovering new food joints and embarking on various adventures and writing it down on my blog. With that said, last week I was invited over by Cate to cover the soft opening of Big D’s in Venice Piazza Mckinley. Read on to check how everything went on that day.

Me with Cate (Center) and Grace. 

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Tender Bob’s on a Sunday

I had work last Sunday after our Marketing Finals last Saturday followed by a Fellowship dinner at our Professor’s place in Bel- Air Makati. Thanks for being so hospitable Sir! 😀 I think I had a drink too many or maybe I easily just get too “woozy” after downing some liquor since we were so happy that this term is finally over and we were to start anew. Whohoo! Three cheers to that!

Yey! We are actually nearing finishing off our MBA’s! 😀 Whohoo! 🙂 Well, that’s for those who have only a few subjects left, as for me. I still have a year to go before I graduate since I have only completed around 20 plus units or so and a lot more to go but of course as early as now I have to carefully plan my thesis already so that I won’t stress myself out too much when my Strama comes. (School and Work is sometimes hard to balance especially when you also have a lot of stuff on your plate too like me). So I’m not really rushing just taking my time and just doing the best I can.

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