Stop the Sagging Skin with Nivea Firmness Check

If there’s one thing we should take care of aside from our bodies and our health it should be our skin. Not only is our skin the biggest organ of the body but it plays a primary role in how others perceive us as well.

TBH, Skin care has taken a precedence over my other concerns that’s why  whenever I shower I actually use a loofah to exfoliate my body of the dead skin cells and to make sure that my skin is healthy and then after I generously apply lotion to my body to keep it moisturized and healthy. I also make it a point to drink lemon water and chia seeds everyday to ensure that my skin is well moisturized and not dehydrated since I have had that problem before. 

Sagging skin doesn’t just creep up overnight; in fact skin already starts losing its firmness in your 20s. Quite alarming right? Since I am no longer in my teens navigating this 20’s stage of mine had been quite a journey of self discovery and amazing adventures but of course despite all my sojourns I still try to be mindful to take care of my skin every single day 🙂 So when I got an invite in my email to check on my skin’s health which was going to be hosted by Nivea (One of my trusted brands in Skincare) I just know that I couldn’t pass this up. 

Nivea Skin Firmness Activation KV_FA
This was the invite sent over to my email. Quite catchy right? 🙂

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