Wake Me Up When September Ends

September had been a flurry of activities here and there once again so with that being said.  The title of this blog post is from a song by Green Day entitled “Wake Me Up When September Ends” I think it fully encapsulates my whole month since I been running around like a headless chicken as of late with everything that has been going on in my life especially with the BER months coming in and with a LOT of deliverables at stake in the next few months to come. 

So much pressure right here. 😦 Planning to actually take a social media hiatus from Facebook and Instagram until maybe I’m halfway through my required tasks like finishing off my paper for school, shortlisting various suppliers for our Company’s Corporate Giveaways and effectively managing our inventory alongside ensuring that our Social Media efforts and Website Development would pan out as planned and many other things that I need to address on my plate right now. But on a positive note, I guess all it takes is a LOT of FOCUS and dedication for me to avoid procrastination at the last minute.

So anyway, before I again move forward with all these tasks I should maybe take a breather first and make a look back on how the past month had been for me. 🙂

Being all Cultured Up on a Sunday at the National Museum

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