My Personal Blogapalooza Experience 2015

Blogapalooza is the biggest event of the year for brands and bloggers alike as this will be their avenue to cascade their services to each other. Brands would be given a platform to tell us about what their product is all about and in turn we would get acquainted with their products after having tried it out and cascade our own experience with their products to our readers as well so that in a way they might be encouraged to try it out as well.

Their Event Poster
The Official Banner for the Event

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Certified Bloggers First Christmas Party at the Victoria Court Suites

With so many events lined up along the way, I have to catch up on my backlog with regards to blogging as I venture off again into another adventure to cap off my 2014 😀 Will post the photos and blog about it soon after. 🙂

To start off this blog post, last week happened to be the very first Christmas party of the Certified Bloggers group which I was cordially invited to by Ms. Sol  (The founder of the group). Lifestyle, Food, Sports and Travel bloggers from all over the Metro gathered together and willed the heavy congested roads of Edsa to celebrate together this momentous occasion spearheaded by Ms. Sol and our sponsors.

Asgard Themed Room
Asgard Themed Room

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Happening Now: Dancing while Running (Dance Unite 2014)

November usually brings out the spooks in us and makes the hairs on our bodies rise maybe due to the All Soul’s Day coming up? 😀 But nonetheless a lot of the much awaited and anticipated events are up for grabs this month and I was fortunate to be invited to the press release of some of these events alongside some media partners, radio stations and bloggers. So enough with the other details let me start off now with one of the most highly awaited events for this month. Tadadada. Presenting the Dance Unite 2014!! 🙂 Woot! Woot! 🙂

Dance United 2014 coming up! :D
Dance United 2014 coming up! 😀

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My Blogapalooza 2014 Experience

We love meeting new people, going to events, trying out something new which will widen our horizons and broaden our perspectives, tasting various dishes and making new friends from all facets of life. Due to this what better way to spend my Saturday than by attending the much anticipated and awaited by invite only Blogapalooza 2014 held at the SMX SM Aura Convention Center yesterday at October 11,2014.

Since I am quite new to the blogging industry and have just been blogging for the past few months or so I was quite overwhelmed and really happy with the turnaround of everything that has been happening as of late for me 😀 I have been invited to a lot of events, product launches, TV Studio sets, cooking demonstrations, food tasting and by other companies which have yet to hit the consumer market or brands holding out some events who want to increase their scope of influence. Best of all?  I get to do what I love to do best which is writing and blogging! 🙂 Yey! 🙂 How cool is that? 😀

My ID for this event
My ID for this event

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