Just Got Whipped? :)

Since I was to embark on another sojourn with my friend Kat I decided to pay Whipped in BGC a visit first before my flight since some of my wardrobe staples consisted of sleeveless tops and I didn’t want to raise my arms in Sg with a forest under there. I just wanted to feel free and confident and you couldn’t do that if you’re constrained with a lot of underarm hair right? or if your brows aren’t on fleek and with lots of strays. Gotta maintain that #kilaygamestrong wherever you may go. 🙂 
So right after work I decided to drop by BGC after doing some last minute shopping and before heading out to The Medical City to get my car since I slept there the night before to stay with my brother who got confined and I left my car there since I was coding on a Friday. 😦
So upon entering the place, the warm, comfy and girly interiors are sure to greet you.
Whipped Sugar Wax & Body Scrub Salon
The entrance of Whipped located at Eight Forbes 🙂

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