Stress Buster: Nuat Thai Massage

Since today is my rest day I will get back to blogging on some new movies I watched over the past week, new joints I visited and also some articles which caught my attention these days because aside from it being my creative outlet I also have fun jotting down and sharing my ideas and experiences to others as well.

So here goes. Since I love getting myself massages even during my college days I usually search for new and affordable massage places and invite my friends or my Mom to have a massage session with me once in a while. We also need to have a breather and a break from the daily pressures of work and our other extra-curricula that we do on a daily basis so what better way to unwind than to have a hearty meal and some good old massage to target your pressure points right? 😀 It will definitely make you feel rejuvenated afterwards. Some of the Spa’s I have tried before are: Wensha Spa in Manila, The Spa in Acropolis/ Corinthian Hills,  Ton Ton Traditional Thai Massage, Body Delight Spa and others I cannot remember since I was already too tired to take note or maybe too overwhelmed with the massage.

From the outside
From the outside
Before entering
Before entering

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New Hole in the Wall Restaurant: H Cuisine (Tomas Morato)

Since it was a Sunday and I had work yesterday, Pat decided to pay me a visit at work since we were going to hear mass and dinner will follow suit afterwards. We decided to head out to mass and then maybe play some board games with his friends since we were all in constant communication with the group during the course of the night.

However, mass finished a little late and then came the heavy downpour of the rain so we just decided to reschedule our night out with our friends and just have a casual dinner somewhere near. After scouring Morato for another new find we decided to just eat at Rub Ribs. Although we ate there before we just consented on eating there again since we thought it was a good find and since both of us were already starving after the mass.

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Tender Bob’s on a Sunday

I had work last Sunday after our Marketing Finals last Saturday followed by a Fellowship dinner at our Professor’s place in Bel- Air Makati. Thanks for being so hospitable Sir! 😀 I think I had a drink too many or maybe I easily just get too “woozy” after downing some liquor since we were so happy that this term is finally over and we were to start anew. Whohoo! Three cheers to that!

Yey! We are actually nearing finishing off our MBA’s! 😀 Whohoo! 🙂 Well, that’s for those who have only a few subjects left, as for me. I still have a year to go before I graduate since I have only completed around 20 plus units or so and a lot more to go but of course as early as now I have to carefully plan my thesis already so that I won’t stress myself out too much when my Strama comes. (School and Work is sometimes hard to balance especially when you also have a lot of stuff on your plate too like me). So I’m not really rushing just taking my time and just doing the best I can.

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Recipes at Greenbelt 5

One of the benefits of having a blog is that you can try various activities, cuisines and food joints even some hole- in – the wall restaurants sometimes and you get to share to the world your daily conquests and new finds which caught your eye and your appetite. Good thing Pat is quite well versed with some of the best food joints here in the Metropolis and good thing too that we both love trying out something new especially when it comes to food! 🙂

My date for tonight after hearing mass
My date for tonight after hearing mass

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Sumosam on a Sunday

This is a late post since I wasn’t able to blog about our dinner at Sumosam last Sunday which also turned out to be Father’s Day due to other pressing matters that took a toll on me and my schedule this week. Anyway, moving on Mom decided to treat the whole family to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day.

I drove out to Robinson’s Magnolia with my siblings since Mom already went ahead to the venue since she already had been out since the morning. We met her there at the venue and decided to order already while waiting for our parents since they took such a long time and my brother was getting quite agitated already at the long waiting time.

Me and sister using the Monopod Pat gave me before we went to RobMag.
Me and sister using the Monopod Pat gave me before we went to RobMag.

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