Movie Review: Beauty in a Bottle

Everyone is all into beauty these days right? I mean who wouldn’t be? With all those glaring 6 pack washboard abs, taut flat bellies without scars nor stretch marks, porcelain/ alabaster skin, poignant noses, and killer smiles of our favorite celebrities plastered all over EDSA and in our movie screens and social media feeds.

What got me watching this movie is because it actually pokes fun at the deepest insecurities women feel nowadays especially when it comes to how they look on the outside. Is it really superficial beauty that matters? Watch and find out 🙂

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Movie Review: Love on a Diet

Since I wanted to watch something new that is quite refreshing and not really that heavy and thought provoking I looked at my movies in my laptop and found this Korean Movie called “Love on a Diet”. I just wanted a good laugh and a feel good movie so this movie is what kept me company throughout the course of the night. Here’s a quick synopsis of the movie:

Can love bloom between these two?
Can love bloom between these two?

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