My Personal Blogapalooza Experience 2015

Blogapalooza is the biggest event of the year for brands and bloggers alike as this will be their avenue to cascade their services to each other. Brands would be given a platform to tell us about what their product is all about and in turn we would get acquainted with their products after having tried it out and cascade our own experience with their products to our readers as well so that in a way they might be encouraged to try it out as well.

Their Event Poster
The Official Banner for the Event

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Recipes at Greenbelt 5

One of the benefits of having a blog is that you can try various activities, cuisines and food joints even some hole- in – the wall restaurants sometimes and you get to share to the world your daily conquests and new finds which caught your eye and your appetite. Good thing Pat is quite well versed with some of the best food joints here in the Metropolis and good thing too that we both love trying out something new especially when it comes to food! 🙂

My date for tonight after hearing mass
My date for tonight after hearing mass

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Sumosam on a Sunday

This is a late post since I wasn’t able to blog about our dinner at Sumosam last Sunday which also turned out to be Father’s Day due to other pressing matters that took a toll on me and my schedule this week. Anyway, moving on Mom decided to treat the whole family to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day.

I drove out to Robinson’s Magnolia with my siblings since Mom already went ahead to the venue since she already had been out since the morning. We met her there at the venue and decided to order already while waiting for our parents since they took such a long time and my brother was getting quite agitated already at the long waiting time.

Me and sister using the Monopod Pat gave me before we went to RobMag.
Me and sister using the Monopod Pat gave me before we went to RobMag.

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Luna Cafe

For the past few weeks or so, I seem to miss working out whether it is lifting weights from participating in the Group exercises in Fitness First (Where my cousin used to tag me along as his guest when it’s my off), from the swimming and kick boxing sessions I used to do every Wednesday and Friday before I started my MBA in Ateneo or from my usual running around the Fort with my workmates and friends after work. I don’t really get to work out a lot now due to my back aching from time to time and I’m usually tired already by the time I want to work out so on one particular weekday Pat and I decided to come out for a quick run along the Fort.

He went to my workplace and as I regaled him of my stories of how my day went, we decided to eat out first then go jogging afterwards since we were both hungry already and we couldn’t function well running low on carbohydrates and food. We came across this new joint, well for me it’s new since I noticed it just recently so we decided to give it a try. It’s called “Luna Cafe” owned by no less than one of our classmates from MBA Fille and her husband Lino Cayetano.

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