Globe myBusiness ProjectEd Awards Night: How Learning Is Boosted Through Technology

How does technology affect how we learn? How different is the learning process with our gadgets and gizmos, networks and digi-communities? Globe myBusiness wanted to draw the difference and see things from the perspective of the youth using the power of video.

Me with our new endorsers which would be the face of our Digital Ads for the next few months.

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EZY and their Cool New Speakers! :)

If there are things that I love the most doing that would be experiencing new things and new experiences, listening to the newest sounds and of course trying out various food stalls and joints. I mean who would not love going on a road trip with your loved ones while listening to the hottest tunes in the hit charts while eating out somewhere new and discovering new cuisines right? 🙂

More on discovering new cuisines in my next blog posts in the meantime let me focus first on this new find that I discovered! 🙂 Perfect for just chilling out at home with my friends and also going on a road trip with the fambam especially this APEC Weekend! 🙂 I am so excited!! 🙂

Introducing the new speakers from EZY!

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