Bangkok Thailand April 2015

Me and my classmates from graduate school went to Thailand as part of our curriculum in our Major which was Global Marketing to benchmark on the top companies there as to how they fared with our top corporations here in our country, their services, their strategies for market penetration and their outlook in the coming years with regards to the market.

Among the companies that we visited were Unilab, Thai Airways, A Marketing Research Firm specializing on analyzing market trends and demographics relating to preferences of the market nowadays, ADB (Asian Development Bank), Chulalongkorn University and also Assumption University which boasts of their artistically adorned hallways and wide spaces very conducive to having long walks along the park and bores quite a resemblance to UP (Due to the wide spaces between the buildings)  only better.


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Food Review: Soi Thai Cuisine

Because we love trying out new things and were a little bit on the adventurous and experimental end with regards to the food we intake. We make it a point to try at least one new thing/ adventure/ restaurant (whether it’s fine dining/ hole in the wall/ budget meals) as long as it presents something new to our palette at the end of every week or once in two weeks at least.

We wanted to try something new this time around as usual and since we have already had a taste of the following cuisines: Mediterranean, Chinese, Filipino, American, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese. We decided to give Thai Cuisine a taste so that ended us up in Soi:  A Thai Restaurant in Greenhills.

Their Name and Logo
Their Name and Logo

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