The Questions that Linger

This was a post I wrote way, way back last August 29, 2010 roughly around 4 years ago. It only goes to show that even from before I always had this flair for writing. 🙂

Why do we love

but are rarely ever loved in return?

Why do we look for truth – is it lost or are we?

Why is one lie enough to forget how good a person once has been?

Why is it that when we do our best, the worst always comes out?

Why do we seek for revenge rather than forgive and let bygones be bygones?

Why do we repent for our sins but never really change at all?

What is the sound of just one hand clapping on its own?

What is more tragic: losing or gaining your heart’s desire?

How can you tell that it’s over but you can’t move on?

How do you conceal your pain with a smile while crying?

How do you know when to still and hold on and when to already let go?

How can you forget the only person you wish to remember for the rest of your life?

Who are you if you have lost what you had?

Is it right when nothing is wrong or is it wrong when nothing is right?

Because life is not only based on the answers we receive. But more often than not, on the questions we ask (Though these are almost always left hanging).

New Find of the week: Big Bad Wolf

This is a follow up post in relation to my other post regarding the Sweet Pea Restaurant. Me and my girlfriends decided to venture out again into another food trip so we ended up in this swell place called Big Bad Wolf.

We heard that this was a new joint which recently opened in Mckinley Hill (Disclaimer: This is a late post since we ate there almost 2 years ago way back in 2012). I’m just blogging about it now since I would also like to commemorate all those past food trips and ventures I had before with my friends. Continue reading “New Find of the week: Big Bad Wolf”

New Discovery: Sweet Pea Piazza Mckinley Hill

How time really flies! 🙂 Do you ever catch yourself staring blankly in the air sometimes and just recall what did you do all those years while you were growing up? or what were the series of events which led to where you are now? As I look back at those good old fun times I cannot help but feel a little nostalgic reminiscing those memories and food trips I had back then with my girls.

Those were the days when we could just laugh to our hearts delight and eat all the pounds away with our gregarious food trips and adventures when all of us except Pilar were single and just wanted to have a grand time. Since I just recently got into the habit of blogging I decided to post all of my past food trips and adventures also here because like our mantra in life: Memories should all be documented, not forgotten.

Continue reading “New Discovery: Sweet Pea Piazza Mckinley Hill”