Food Review: Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub

I usually head off to Mister Kabab for my Shawarma and Kebab fix, but I’ve never tried Uncle Moe’s before. Basing from their Menu would show that they are priced almost at the same range as Mister Kabab, so after the massage we headed out to grab dinner at Uncle Moe’s in Tomas Morato. I was looking for a budget friendly deal since we already spent our budget for the night at Nuat Thai Massage so I told Pat that my budget for the two of us this dinner was just 800 bucks below. We came across this joint called Uncle Moe’s so we decided to give it a try.

Before entering
Before entering

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New Hole in the Wall Restaurant: H Cuisine (Tomas Morato)

Since it was a Sunday and I had work yesterday, Pat decided to pay me a visit at work since we were going to hear mass and dinner will follow suit afterwards. We decided to head out to mass and then maybe play some board games with his friends since we were all in constant communication with the group during the course of the night.

However, mass finished a little late and then came the heavy downpour of the rain so we just decided to reschedule our night out with our friends and just have a casual dinner somewhere near. After scouring Morato for another new find we decided to just eat at Rub Ribs. Although we ate there before we just consented on eating there again since we thought it was a good find and since both of us were already starving after the mass.

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