Biggest luxury travel deals up for grabs at Asia Premium Travel Mart

Want to travel the world but you have little cash to spare? Well worry not because travel nowadays just became more affordable than ever! 🙂 With the low rates and Piso fares coming from various airlines. Travel nowadays has never been more affordable! 🙂 

The Asia Premium Travel Mart (APTM), an exhibit of luxury travel suppliers, will be holding the year’s biggest discounts on airline tickets, hotels and resort accommodations, and tour packages on June 23 from 10AM to 9PM at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.


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Smart targets ‘millennial’ travelers with expanded data roaming coverage in 110 countries

Love to travel and explore? Can’t help but be awestruck when exploring new places you haven’t seen before? Can’t help that feeling of needing to get out every once in a while? 


All of these things are the symptoms of a wanderlust person who loves to travel and explore. 🙂 In my case, it’s making the most out of life while I’m young and expanding my horizons 🙂 However, the most common problem that we are fazed with these days is that when you travel to another country is the bill shock that seems to come along with it.

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Because Life’s a BEACH: Palawan 2014

We make it a point to travel and end our year with another milestone or a memory worth noting so for this year what better way to end my 2014 than embarking again on a back packing trip with no less than the underground rivers and caves of Palawan and  diving off into their pristine waters by the shores.

The Three Musketeers off to another adventure
The Three Musketeers off to another adventure

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Food Review: Bacolod Chicken Inasal

I love weekend duty days since I can pull in a few more minutes of sleep due to the improved traffic conditions along the lanes of c5 and also since less people are out on the road in the wee hours of the early morning. I have a lot of back log with regards to the restaurants that I have gone along this week and the various food trips that I ventured into.

We first went off scouring the various stalls in the HoReCa festival last week in celebration of the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering event which promotes camaraderie and also which provides an avenue for the various businesses, catering joints, restaurants and hotels around the vicinity of Makati to plug and advertise their services and entice people to their stalls and avail of their packages and deals since their goal is to increase traffic and people coming in to their businesses to make Makati a rising district once again. 😀 Go Makati! 😀

Web Advertising Stall
Web Advertising Stall

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