Win Back your Health and Beauty with the WinBack Technology

Chronic lower back pain had always been a perennial problem for me. I have tried various treatments ranging from acupuncture to weekly massage sessions to applying ointments like the salonpass spray and menthol oils to give me that soothing cooling feeling afterwards. However, these treatments seem to have little effect or just a temporary effect and what I am looking for now is something that would give me a lasting effect.

I have tried some back exercises I saw on YouTube a couple of weeks back to make my lower body stronger however I think my body is still too weak to handle heavy lifting or strenuous activities. That is why when one of my friends JP told me about this new technology which can relieve my back pain and at the same time aid me in my weight loss journey I immediately signified my interest.

The Winback Treatment 

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Take Time to Relax with Blue Water Day Spa

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! With cheers and jeers from our peers just as the holidays are about to commence on again I could not help but be thankful for the year that was 2017 where a lot of changes, challenges, learnings and memories have changed my life 🙂

Just last week I was able to finally walk up the stage of the Henry Lee Erwin Theatre to get my Master’s in Business Administration Diploma as I shook the hand of Fr. Villarin, the President of the Ateneo Loyola Schools. 🙂 It was a surreal feeling since it finally dawned on me that after 3 years of going to night class and taking a leave from work to focus on my thesis, I now have more time to focus on my other pressing priorities and can already move on to greater things since I have more control of my time 🙂

Me and Fey during our Graduation Rehearsal

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My Second AGAS Session :)

It’s already the 3rd quarter of the year! Time really does fly so fast especially when you’re having fun. I can just remember the days when I was this wide eyed hopeful fresh graduate trying to find my niche in this seemingly challenging Corporate World and now I am already done with my MBA degree with 7 years of working experience under my belt.

During our celebratory dinner  in Rockwell with my classmates and our Professors 🙂 

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My Slimtone Experience at the Belmere Branch in Alabang

“Take some time to relax, rejuvenate and restore. That is what Belmere is for. Belmere soothes away the stress,as it enhances the beautiful self. Belmere is a haven for those who love beauty. Let your beautiful you shine at Belmere Skin Centre.”

Yesterday was a very eventful day! 😀 Not only was it the blessing, opening and inauguration of the Belmere Branch in Alabang. They also introduced their new pride called their “Venus Freeze”.  Their concept is all about taking care of ourselves more. Loving the skin you’re in and at the same time bonding with your family while you beautify yourself.

Bonding? You may ask. Yes! You heard me right bonding! 🙂 Belmere isn’t really limited to women or mothers anymore because it also offers it’s very enticing services and packages for the whole family to love and avail of. Your husband can have a whole body massage while you have your Venus Freeze and your body sculpt treatments done.

This is definitely a great way to have fun with your family while you’re getting yourself pampered.

Me at Belmere Alabang
Me at Belmere Alabang

So anyway moving along, here’s a quick video documenting what this new treatment is about.

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