Stargaze the Night Away with the New StarWars Themed Rooms at Victoria Court

It’s Sunday once again! 😦 Meaning another week is about to commence. I don’t know if I should be happy or not because I know that in the weeks to come it’s going to be a surefire roller coaster ride since a lot of deliverables are at stake.

However, I am also happy that I get to learn a lot and that I get to live with the pressure of a stressful work week schedule. It will indeed teach me the core values of learning how to plan out your things to- do and delivering your outputs with quality within the needed time frame. Anyway, just last week I was invited to attend the launch of Victoria Court’s new themed called Space Wars! The newest and most innovative super thematic suite.

The Media Invite sent to my mail 🙂

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Certified Bloggers First Christmas Party at the Victoria Court Suites

With so many events lined up along the way, I have to catch up on my backlog with regards to blogging as I venture off again into another adventure to cap off my 2014 😀 Will post the photos and blog about it soon after. 🙂

To start off this blog post, last week happened to be the very first Christmas party of the Certified Bloggers group which I was cordially invited to by Ms. Sol  (The founder of the group). Lifestyle, Food, Sports and Travel bloggers from all over the Metro gathered together and willed the heavy congested roads of Edsa to celebrate together this momentous occasion spearheaded by Ms. Sol and our sponsors.

Asgard Themed Room
Asgard Themed Room

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Party beyond no other at Victoria Court

Victoria Court offers world-class suites, each one distinct from the other. The most sought after suites are the Asgard inspired from the movie Thor, the romantic Marrakesh Suite, Batcave from The Dark Night and other fun exciting themes for you to choose from. Our guests have a wide choice of rooms depending on size, design and preferred themes: Standard, Deluxe and Suites with variants of mini-suites, regular suites and super thematic suites, all different themes. At Victoria Court, no two rooms are the same.

Malate -CasinoRoyale

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