Aqua Mineral Launches First Ever Salt Room in the Philippines

To be honest, I wasn’t really familiar with the brand name Aqua Mineral before maybe since I’m not really a beauty blogger by nature but more of a food and lifestyle blogger  so when I got an invite to the launch of Aqua Mineral’s Salt Room I was really intrigued as to what’s it all about so I googled it up and just right then I was able to connect the dots and identify them as the people going around in malls with booths in Gateway and Century City Mall offering us free trials of their products since I usually window shop on my days off 🙂
Some of Aqua Minerals best selling products 🙂

If you’re a frequent mall-goer, you’ve probably encountered Aqua already. With seventeen locations in Metro Manila and Metro Davao malls, its a brand that’s hard to miss.

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Lazada welcomes Premium HyC150 to its online shopping site

With the advent of social media and all these beauty products in the market. Which one to choose is always the lingering question in our minds? Well, worry not because the answer to your beauty woes is here to stay and what’s even better is that now more than ever it’s made more accessible to us by Lazada! 🙂

Introducing Premium HyC150  which is now available at, the popular online shopping website.


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HealthCetera: Health, Wellness and More premiers this August on your TV Screens

Last Week I was fortunate to be included in the list of Media People and Bloggers to bear witness to Dr. Manny Calayan and Dra. Pie Calayan together with other  powerhouse experts as they launched the newest beauty, health and lifestyle magazine show to air every Sunday on GMA NewsTV Channel 11 entitled Healthcetera.

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Rejuvenation at its finest at Belmere Skin

I was given the privilege to be invited to try out their new services in their Skin Center last Monday September 22,2014 and since I had no work or school during that day I had the whole day free ahead of me. Yey! 😀

During my off days I try to be as productive as possible by catching up on my blogging duties, reading my books for school to avoid procrastination and the likes. I was informed during that day that I was to be part of a select group of bloggers to experience their services and write about it since they are upping up the ante and overhauling the management with the new CEO (the very voluptuous beauty enthusiast Ms. Michelle Acero). How cool is that? 😀

Belmere Skin Center
Belmere Skin Center

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